2018 Pro-Bending League

The Legend of Kora: Pro-Bending Arena

Kora is the Avatar that follows Aang and during her training to become the Avatar, she joins a team of Pro-Benders named the Fire Ferrits. The object of Pro-Bending is simple. Use your Fire, Earth and Water bending abilities, push your opponents back to gain territorial advantage and if possible push them off the back of the court to win. The game is played by using move cards, outwitting your opponent and building Chi, which can be used to perform more powerful moves as the game progresses. A Simple, yet tactical game that usually lasts approximately 20-40 minutes.

Boar-Q-Pines & Fire Ferrets secure Premier League Spot

The Boar-Q-Pines finish level with the Fire Ferrets to guarantee a spot in the Premier League following a tight match between the Wolfbats and the Tigerdillos.

Down to the last 2 cards each, the Wolfbats proved too strong for the Dillo's Fire Bender, who held on as long as he could following the dismissal of his Water Bender team mate for two yellow fan incidents.

This prevented the Tigerdillos from finishing level with with the Fire Ferrets and Boar-Q-Pines, who now join the Rabaroos in the Premier League, while the Dillos, Buzzard Wasps and Wolfbats will compete in the Championship.

Rabaroos Take Group A and the Closest Match so far

The Raberoos take Group A with a 100% win record, but the battle for 2nd and 3rd is really hotting up! 

The Tigerdillos fell to the Boar-Q-Pines after a heroic effort by the Dillo's Water Bender, who held on to the bitter end. The match came down to a roll of the Yellow Fan and it fell in favor of the Boars. It was one of the fastest, yet closest games so far. Both the Tigerdillos and Boar-Q-Pines have yet to face the Wolfbats and if both win by way of wipe out, then a play-off between the Fire-Ferrits, Dillos and Boars will be needed. This will decide which two teams will join the Raberoos in the Premiership and which one will join the Championship with the Buzzard Wasps and Wolfbats.

Group B to get underway soon...

Rabaroos Undefeated

The Rabaroos in Group A remain the only undefeated team as they played the Tigerdillos and Boar-Q-Pines, winning both by way of wipe-out!

A Very Busy Night for the Fire Ferrets!

A busy nights for the Fire Ferrets in Group A Pro-Bending Legend of Kora on Monday 20th August. Played 6, 3 wipe out wins and 2 wipe out losses. Very tight tactical games against Wolf Bats and Boar-Q-Pines that both went down to the last move cards in the game for both players. Great games to watch. The Fire Ferrets kicked off their evening with a wipe-out loss to the Tigerdillos, followed by 3 wipe out wins on the run against the Buzzard Wasps, Wolf-Bats and Boar-Q-Pines before the final games against the Rabaroos, who ended the winning streak with a wipe out victory. 

Opening League Game of the Season: Wolfbats Vs Buzzard Wasps

A very close game which was dominated in the early stages by the aggressive Wolfbats who were able to blast the Buzzard Wasps Water Bender off the back of the board. It was a dirty game and the referee was reluctant to show any Yellow Fans until late in the game. After committing many foul moves, Shaozu of the Wolfbats received 2 Yellow fans and was sent off. As the Wolfbats ran out of moves and unable to recover Chi, due to the Chi Blocking abilities of the Buzzard Wasps, the Wolfbats were finally pushed off the back of the court for a wipeout victory for the Wasps, who take all 6 points.

Pre-Season Friendly between the Fire Ferrits and the Wolfbats

The game was dominated by the Wolfbats, who eventually won by a Wipe-out victory

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